Hi, my name is Ilaria.

I'm an happily married italian woman geek, expat, gamer and catlover
obsessed with user centered web design, creative craft and photography.
I was born in Rome, now I live in Montréal.

I am a web developer since 1997

thanks to my parents who founded one of the first internet service providers in Rome. I'm a community manager of the biggest web site dedicated to students of psychology www.opsonline.it since 2001 I've studied social psychology and copywriting and I've worked for Apple as technician in the Roma Est's Apple Store for 1 year and half before to move to Montréal [it was amazing!] I'm fascinated by computer mediated communication.


I am a gamer

I've had the most awesome videogame themed wedding on October 12th, 2012 and I think we were the first couple playing Zelda and World of Warcraft music in Rome's Campidoglio wedding hall... I was in the first italian female national Quake 3 Arena team, sponsored by AMD. I'm a paladin since 2005 in the online MMORPG game World of Warcraft and i play tons of videogames with my lovely husband. We've also a huge collections of videogames and geek collectibles.


I am a geek crafter

When my computer is off I love to spend my time decorating stuff.
I transform tons of used and recycled materials to create unique art. I've recently opened an Etsy Shop and a Facebook page with my creations: check them out!


5 Fun Facts about me

#1: My name in italian means always happy.

#2: You can find me around the web as Ilaria Haruka Janon. Haruka was my nickname on Quake 3 Arena: I've chosen it when I was 15 and is the japanese name of my favourite Sailor Moon character: Sailor Uranus. Janon is the name I used for my paladin in World of Warcraft. A friend of mine used to call me Janon because, he said, it means "my precious" in turkish. I have no idea if this is true but I loved it :)

#3: My first web site was coded manually (this one too.. <3!) on a Notepad on January 27th, 1997. It was a website about Sailor Uranus called The Uranus Lighthouse, initially hosted by Geocities.

#4: I've never finished my university career due to the low level of the Italian University. I've done the most interesting exams, my 6 months internship and I wrote my thesis but never discussed it. It was about "The self representation using avatars online."

#5: I've wrote a never published cyberpunk novel called "Artificial Thoughts". It was about the evolution of a cyborg and a human in a world controlled by machines.

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and remember: "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"!