Web Design and Develop

I am a designer who can code: I can support your project at any stage it needs it. From strategy to brainstorming ideas, user experience, interface design, development, re-design of existing and Wordpress based websites and more.

User Interface Design

A good web design or app is not just a good look. It is everyday more important to provide a unique experience to users and give them the right information in a quick and useful way.

Social Media Management

It is mandatory to have a presence online nowadays but how to manage it successfully? I will help you create and promote content in your social pages, in a professional and effective style.

And much more..

In my carreer I created business cards, corporate identities, logos. I have built and managed the biggest Italian community dedicated to psychology. I installed and designed e-learning platforms, e-commerce, personal and business websites. I managed Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter accounts. I worked on video production, game design, ux design.
Let me know what you need and I will find a technical solution.
Take a look at my curriculum or at my Linkedin page.

12 reasons to work with me


I wrote my first website when I was 16, in 1997. I grew up using Internet, living it daily.


I will provide a quick estimated time to complete once all details are provided.


As a User Centered Designer, I believe that design and usability should work together.


For 15 years I managed my activity in Italy: I planned, designed, coded, published many websites. I created one of the biggest online communities and I managed it. I already know solutions to many situations and how to find new ones as needed.


I am Italian and I live in Montreal, using English and French daily. I grew up in Europe, now I'm living in North America. I can help you using my experience as both Italian and Canadian :)

Tech Savvy

My jobs always push me to learn new skills every day. Technology is in constant change and you really need to be passionate to keep up the pace.

Customer Oriented

I have chosen two jobs that keep my customer at the center of my world: I love to be useful, I love to resolve problems, I love to help people use technology at its best, to enrich lives.

Self Learner

Everything I know, I learned by myself. I spent hours mastering my skills and improving my abilities, updating my knowledge when needed.

Proven Workflow

After so many years in the field, I have created and perfected a bulletproof workflow to improve time management and results. I have created several documents to simplify the process needed to know you and your activity.

In Love with my Job

I am passionate about my job: after 20 years I'm still trying to improve and evolve. My passion will be at your service.


I will always do my best to understand your needs and to fulfill them. I am a user as well and I know what it means to benefit from a good customer care and an high level of professionalism.


I am qualified in my job: I studied it, I improved it, I worked hard on it. Test me!

Get in touch

I'm currently available for freelance and contract work opportunities.
Send an e-mail to info@ilariawebdesign.com or through my Social Pages.

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